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Top 5 Tips for Bali Backpackers

Tips for Bali Packpacker, there are some ways to enjoy the most recommended tourism destination in Indonesia, Bali. This lovely island is recommended as the best travel destination because of the wonderful views that you will get and the uniqueness of Balinese culture. All people can travel to Bali. You who have big budget can choose five stars hotel near Kuta or Seminyak Bali.
   05 November 2015, 08:20:11
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How about you who have low budget or you have a plan to do backpacking to Bali? You do not need to worry because you still can enjoy Bali with your low budget. Here are some tips for all of you who want to go to Bali with your low budget.

First, you can choose to sleep cheap. In Bali, there are some cheap hotels, motels or homestay that you can choose. You can also find cheap lodging in Kuta and other tourist destinations in Bali. For all of you who have low budget, you can sleep by paying $30.000 for one night. You can check this site to get cheap hotels.

Second, you need to eat cheap too. In Bali, you still can find cheap food. You can go to local warungs rather than going to the restaurants. You can eat cheaper and all foods there are tastier too. It is good to avoid buying food from the main street or main tourist attraction. You must pay higher price when you buy foods near the tourist attraction.

Third, you need to say no for transport. You can go to all places in Bali with motorcycle or bicycle. It will cost lower than you must rent car or using other transportation. You should not use travel agencies to get transportation or other services because you can pay higher price. You can go to Jalan Legian and find bemo corner there.

Fourth, you must avoid buying souvenirs in tourist attractions.It is important for you to know the best place to buy souvenirs. You should not buy souvenir in Kuta or tourist area. It is good to buy souvenir in Pasar Sukowati. In this market, you can find paintings, bracelets, clothes, crafts, and batik with lower price. You can ask for lowest price if you want.

Fifth, you need to be smart in choosing tourist attraction to visit. There are some tourist areas that offer you lower price to enter the place. You can save more money when you select pretty tourist areas with lower price to enter.

It is important for all backpackers to know the best time to go Bali. You should avoid weekend or peak season to go to Bali because you will not enjoy all things in Bali. You need to pay higher price when you go to tourist areas in peak season.

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